January 19, 2008

Finally at home

[13:16] You shout: A moment silence please, I have something to say.
[13:17] You: Gina Glimmer, I have known you for over 6 months now, and while you barely appeared on my radar screen in the beginning, our friendship grew quite intense over the last couple of months, until suddenly I realized it was more than friendship. Whenever you come online, my heart makes a little jump of joy. I admire your creativity, your playfulness, as well as your deep and balanced thoughts. All these months I have been in SL, through all ups and downs, through various romantic episodes, which only left me hurt, I was looking for a person to belong to, to truly share this wonderful experience, to walk into this life together. In you, Gina, I found this person, and despite circumstances which at first sight might seem to separate us, I love you, your soul, the very essence of your digital persona. You make me complete, and my love to you is pure in the most literal meaning of the word. You trusted me that you feel the same for me, so I want to take this occasion and ask you in front of all those witnesses:
[13:18] Heloise Merlin cheers
[13:18] You: Gina Glimmer, would you like to become my SL wife, belong to me as I belong to you and share this experience with me?
[13:18] Gina Glimmer faints
[13:18] LeXa Demme: /hoo
[13:18] Mr Yin: great time to say your love
[13:18] Gina Glimmer: yes Peter!
[13:18] LeXa Demme: yay!!!!
[13:18] Dru Bracken faints in sympathy :)
[13:18] Therese Carfagno: YAY!
[13:18] Elusyve Jewell claps and jumps
[13:18] Minki DeCuir: wooot
[13:18] Carabella Babii: congratulation
[13:18] Long Pausch shouts: AWWWWW GROUP HUG EVERYBODY
[13:18] Kooko Darwin: yeahhhhhh!
[13:18] Minki DeCuir: (enthusiastic applause)
[13:18] Gina Glimmer: :)
[13:19] You: I love you, Gina!
[13:19] Ayla Janick: whoooot
[13:19] Gina Glimmer blushes deep red
[13:19] Elusyve Jewell: Congrats you two!!
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