July 25, 2007

Graduation, part 3

These 3 articels come in reverse order - please bear with me.

I filed my very first bug to the JIRA system today. Please add 100 points to my "Good Citizen" account. Here it is: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-1889

July 20, 2007

Stindberg. Peter Stindberg.

Hello, my name is Stindberg. Peter Stindberg. I was born on October 9, 2006 - which makes me an old hand by Second Life standards - and spent a brief youth on Orientation Island before I roamed around Waterhead. For what I can tell, I am controlled by a 30-something Human from Central Europe, despite the Scandinavian name He selected for me.

Certain things in Second Life come easy to me: early on I discovered a talent for building and scripting, as well as for creating textures and animations. My Human (or Humatar - Humi) seems to have some background in that aspect, though I often feel some kind of frustration seeping over from His dimension whenever I built something. Also my Humi seems to have a talent for languages, since you instructed me to open a translation business some time ago.

On the other hand, my Human does not seem to be a good businessman, since I barely ever get decent payment for the work I do. So He still did not provide a place for me to live - my office hardly counts - and I am forced to hang out with the hobos. That is, if I am not with my friends, which I tend to be very often. Lovely and charming Chey, the Volcano Princess, with her partner Xubi. Lorinz, of which I still don't know what to think. Kinky Annie, evenly kinky Sonne with her great music club, Milky whom I haven't meat in a while, Angelika who took a rather surprising career move recently, and a few other who'd probably rightfully protest if I don't name them.

To start this blog was my idea. Proof of my existence so far was only in-world, and I felt that I had to reach out beyond this, that I had to start an attempt at touching the Dimension my Human resides an. Though I never will be physical, I now have a foothold in His world.

I intend to talk about my world on a regular basis. I'd love if I could get some feedback.