March 14, 2010

Tagged - Step 2

Tagged - Step 2, originally uploaded by Peter Stindberg.

Crystal tagged me, and since I did not do a meme this year, so here we go...

Handle with care

1. I am very shy. It takes long before I speak to someone, a little less in SL, more so in RL.

2. I have self-esteem issues, can't accept praise easily, don't think highly of my achievements, and generally think I can't really live up to expectations.

3. (Self-)doubt and fear are constant companyons. Fear of loss, fear to annoy.

4. I try to avoid people with the same nationality I have, try to avoid talking my native tongue in SL. There are very few people in SL with whom I talk in my mother tongue. The tought of sharing intimacies in that language is horrible.

5. If you get to know me and earn my trust I will be one of your most loyal and caring friends.

6. I prefer jeans over skirts, short hair over long hair, small breasts over large busts and generally am attracted more to the tomboyish/androgynous women.

7. SL helped me to discover and embrace my bisexuality.

8. My musical taste is extremely broad, but my love is with celtic folkrock, celtic fusion and celtic crossover. I tried to learn Gaelic once.

Maybe I tage you, maybe I don't....

Fashion notices:
- Hair: Truth Peta
- Jacket: Elixir
- Suit: Graves
- Shoulderpads: Oralune
- Shoes:
- Bangles:
- Glasses

March 13, 2010

Good hair day

[Safety advisory: those of my readers who are faint of heart - especially the female ones - are advised to be safely seated before proceeding with this post. Please keep a telephone handy for emergency calls. If you need something to calm your nerves - like a glass of eggnog - please take it as a precautionary measure.]

I love my hair! My first hair ever after my newbie hair was "Spike Brown" by Adam'n'Eve, and it took me many weeks until I settled on "Luth" from Elikapeka Tiramisu Designs (ETD). My budget was tight back then, and I only bought a pack of 3 browns, but it was exactly the style I wanted. Short, a little bit messy, youthful. A great style - and it did not bother me that it was marketed for women. No, I actually enjoyed it that it set me apart a bit, being probably the only male avatar wearing it. ETD's "Luth" defined the way my avatar looked since I bought it, and with very few exceptions I wore it all the time since December 2007!

I'm sorry, Ladies, yes, I wear the same hairstyle for 27 months straight

Recently my friends Faerie Hax and Dunan Wilder suggested to me in a kind and subtle (cough) way that my hair is outdated, and as a consequence dragged me through countless hair stores, among others Find Ash, Zero Style, Sadistic Hacker, Truth, Exile, Little Heaven, Novocaine, Tiny Bird and Tukinowagima - I ended up with 27 demos that were considered as finalists! Alas, while there were many nice styles among them, none of them "clicked", and ruefully and under the disapproving gaze of Faerie I returned to ETD's "Luth".

And then, a few days ago, I saw the advert for Truth Hawks' new style "Peta". (As a sidenote, don't ever try to google for "peta truth" - it gets hundreds of results - none of which is relevant to SL hairstyles). "Peta" immediately clicked. I could immediately see me wearing it and got the demo. I wore the demo for two days, and asked my friends what they think of it. All of them loved it. All of them said it is the right successor for my old hair - similar in style, but more modern in appearance. So finally, after more than two years, I changed my hair.

March 08, 2010


I experience weird graphics card glitches quite often, and seeing part of my body-texture plastered all across my body in a WRONG way is not unusual. But seeing my eyeballs on my lower body was actually the weirdest and grossest glitch so far.

So, yeah, it's my copybutt :-)