January 24, 2008

Who's afraid of the blogger?

It seems that my promising career as a movie star came to an aprubt halt. After getting hired by the same person for a second time, he IMed me the other night. Since he explicitely said I could both leave the movie-link on the blog as well as "do as you wish", I would like to share this rather bizarre conversation with you. I don't know WHAT this person is afraid of though...

[14:17] XXX: hello peter
[14:17] Peter Stindberg: another one? :-)
[14:18] XXX: nope...pls can u remove the posting I am a movie star from your blog... the transaction is commercial and not might to be pulished
[14:19] Peter Stindberg: The movie is on YouTube?! That's as public as it can get?!
[14:19] XXX: i did not know u were a blogger...should have pointed this out... sorry
[14:20] XXX: you can off course post the movie... what i am talking about is the story
[14:20] XXX: this includes the fee we paid as well... that is not intended to be public domain
[14:20] Peter Stindberg: What exactly
[14:20] Peter Stindberg: Ah, ok
[14:21] Peter Stindberg: So is there a Zero too little or aZero too much at the end, that bothers you?
[14:21] XXX: i did not know you had a blog.. should have made this clear
[14:21] Peter Stindberg looks at the post right now
[14:21] XXX: peter we are a rl world business....we cannot have commercial transactions published this way
[14:22] XXX: sorry, i should have made this clear... but i did not know u had a blog!
[14:22] Peter Stindberg: It's in my profile :-)
[14:22] Peter Stindberg: OK, I stencil the amount out.
[14:22] XXX: must have over looked that
[14:23] XXX: pls can u for the sake of our business relationship... modify the posting
[14:23] XXX: not just stencil the fee
[14:24] Peter Stindberg: Modify in what way?
[14:24] XXX: sure we have no problem with posting the movie and telling your readers about the acting... but the story
[14:24] XXX: I exchanged a few IM's with the person, and he said it was for some sort of tutorial, and whether 250 L$ for 10min would be ok. Since he wanted to take a look at me, I TPed him in, he let me stand, open my mouth, check my teeth and said I was just fine
[14:25] XXX: I checked the profile of the guy which was rather bland, and mentioned it to Avarie who - without a second's though - said "Must be porn!".
[14:26] Peter Stindberg: Well, you DID act quite funny and unprofessional, I'm sorry to say. Avarie and me made it for the fun, not for the peanuts you paid. And you did never mention it was a commercial thing - otherwise I had asked other prices.
[14:27] XXX: that is unfortunate
[14:27] Peter Stindberg: A tutorial sounded fine by me.
[14:27] Peter Stindberg: And it WAS fun.
[14:27] Peter Stindberg: But now it looks rather different.
[14:29] XXX: i do not intend to argue or exchange unplesant words... it will not cost u anything to pull down the post... but if you do not want... we will not die
[14:29] Peter Stindberg: I mean SL is not another third world country. I run a business in SL, and for a reason I do not accept RL jobs.
[14:29] XXX: ok
[14:30] Peter Stindberg: OK, I'm not very emotionally attached to that post. I'm open to a serious sugestion.
[14:30] XXX: never mind... do as you wish
[14:31] Peter Stindberg nods
[14:31] Peter Stindberg: Good luck with your project.
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