November 27, 2007

I lost a friend today....

... due to misunderstandings, and hurt feelings. The person that was the closest I had in SL unfriended and muted me. I am sad, and I am crying. Love is cruel.

November 03, 2007

Suddenly poor

When the translation office started to generate some revenue, I was reluctant to hold too many L$ in my account in fear of thievous scripts. That's when I learned about banks in SL, and after learning a bit more (and steering clear of Ginko) I deposited some money at JT Financial, Midas and SLIB. Midas always looked the most straightforward to me, constantly adjusting interest rates between 0.1 and 0.2 percent. Also Midas barely got mentioned in negative context on the blogs.

Seems that finally Midas got into trouble as well - the ATM is inaccessible, my savings locked and probably lost. However the owner appeared in the bank and answered my questions, so that's a good sign.
Peter Stindberg: So what happened?
Midas Commons: I don't know but Luke the boss of the WSe has created a lie about what happened that he has placed on the WSE announcement board
Peter Stindberg: Checking the WSE site right now. You're positive to recover at least part of your assets?
Midas Commons: not for the short run. Luke pushes the buttons on the WSE and has even posted a complete piece of lying rubbish about what happened for the companies to be delistedc
Peter Stindberg: Are you going to try for the long run? I mean, you standing here seems to me that you are not prepared to give up.
Midas Commons: what can I do? besides mount a boycott and a protest that people seem unitnerested in?
Peter Stindberg: So apart from the protest, any ideas and plans how to move on? To save what's being able to be saved?
Midas Commons: I am not sure I have to see how the Sl press reacts
Peter Stindberg: I'm surprised it's only on SL Reports so far.
Midas Commons: I will have to check backin later today
I probably lost a substantial part of my savings today, making me all of a sudden very poor. You might comment that I was foolish to deposit it in the first place, and you're probably right. Still Midas Commons seems to be a straightforward person to me. I hope he gets this sorted out.