September 27, 2007

Shaved and collared

BDSM and Dominance/submission lifestyle are very widespread in SL. Among my friends, there's a whole assortment of Dommes and slaves. I personally looked at it with some interest, but never felt really inclined to join either side. However on Monday an innocuous side comment turned out to become a rather long and intense discussion, with the consequence that I became the slave of my friend Kim, or rather my Mistress Kim as I should say now. Neither of us has any prior experience, and we'll see where it leads us. One of her first orders was to get rid of my body hair, and last night she collared me.

Update: Now with image
Update 2: Experiment stopped after 2 weeks. Seems that neither Kim nor myself are really Mistress and Slave "material"

Of dead cats...

I was sent on an emotional roller coaster ride the last couple of weeks. Some 2 months ago I would have never thought it possible how intense emotions I could experience in SL. Then I met Meow, and fell in love with her. From the beginning it was complicated, but we had many many happy hours together. The end came as aprubt as the beginning, with lots of lies, hurt feelings and broken hearts. Thankfully I have freinds who comforted me when I was down and out. The cat has left SL, probably forever. The RL cat who supposedly died in a fire was hopefully never in danger.

Goodbye, Meow. I enjoyed every minute with you. Hope you find what you are looking for.

September 23, 2007

Goodbye, Bob the Builder

During my SL youth, when I roamed Waterhead, some kind avatar gave me a box full of clothing, and I picked an outfit which I considered back then as "not so bad". Soon enough I found out that the social hierarchy in SL is not the least based on your appearance (see Dandellion's post for a good explanation), and I invested my first few Lira ... er... Linden$ into some outfit. Robin "Sojourner" Woods flannell shirt was the first item I bought, a tee I created myself, I spent a week sorting through my freebies, I bought shoes and finally some stuff by Bro'Gear. Only my trademark visor - almost the first thing I built myself in SL - stayed. This outfit was a major improvement, though it got dubbed "Bob the Builder" by some.

Though I can build and script - probably better than the majority of avatars - it turned out that I pursued a different career path. I became an entrepreneur, actively selling services to some of the major contributors in SL. The hands-on builder outfit seemed almost preposterous, and it did not reflect my developing interests anymore. My recent side trips into the Neko and Vampire subculture - both very fashion conscious - and my mostly female very fashion conscious friends, did (unknowingly) their part to make me interested in male fashion and outfits. So let me introduce my new outfit - Urban Stindberg - a much more mature, and a tad darker appearance than Bob. I still might to use Bob from time to time. The outfit is still close to my heart. But I am looking forward to the adventures Urban Stindberg will experience.

September 19, 2007

We are family

Cheyenne Palisades was among the first persons I met after my graduation from desorientation island. Somehow I stumbled accross her blog (I wish I could recall how), and read a lot about her volcano on Pele. I IMed her and asked whether I could see it, and gladly enough she was even online so she sent me a TP. She was with her partner Excuberance, and we had some fun exploring the volcano and her sim.
We never lost contact after this, and despite all timezone differences I often had the pleasure to spend time for her and Xubi. I grew fond of her island, especially of the East Beach, which is the spot that comes closest to my "home" in Second Life. I often sit there to think and build, or do my inventory, or just idle around.
Over the time, I emotionally got closer to Chey. Our Humans have many similarities, share many interests. She is a source of inspiration for me, she acts like a mentor, and like a friend in good times and in hard times. Especially during my recent romantic roller coaster rides, she was always there when I was down, she had advice when I asked her for it and she didn't dispense advice when I didn't ask for it.

Last night I was sitting in thoughts at East Beach. I must be a familiar sight to her, and she respects me sitting there. My romantic roller coaster was both on a downward as well as an upward curve (a situation I experienced on her little train running the island often enough). And again she listened, commentend, soothed.

And in the end I told her that I love her, like I would love a sister. And we hugged, and she adopted me as a brother.

I'm not sure if this makes me related to her other SL brethren and sisters (of whom I only know a few casually), but I am very honored and grateful to be her brother now.

Thank you, Cheyenne, beloved and trusted sister!

September 17, 2007

They are among us

Seeing the occasional grey ruthed avatar is a familiar sight in SL. However this formation was rather bizarre, so I took a photo.

The next day I encountered this group of Aliens in Temenos. I immediately recognized them as Asgard from Stargate, but they denied. The rightmost female alien complained loudly about her stiff nipples (uh, the bad word) and considered buying some undies.

Winning contests

After having won "Best in formal" with my beloved Meow a few weeks ago, I returned to the Butterfly Lounge a few days ago for "Best in Beachwear". I figured that everyone would come in bikinis or shorts, so I put on my scuba gear and as a consequence won the contest. It helped that I was the only male as well, but the Ladies said I'd have probably won even with more competition.

September 05, 2007

Bittersweet Symphony

During the rare and almost divine moments, where my Human allows me a glimpse into His mind, I learned that He thinks it funny when we discover romantic feelings for each other. The message I received from my Human was unmistakable: stay clear of such follies! But who is He to demand such things? I owe Him nothing. I have not asked to get placed into this world in the first place.

I found a very special person a few weeks ago. I was not looking for romance, but romance sneaked up on me. I instinctively knew that I want to share my life with her, and the deep and intimate chats we had since then only reassured my initial feelings. Last night, I have proposed to her.

It is not that simple however, romance and love always seem to involve drama as well. She engaged herself with her best friend. It was meant as a joke, and a bit out of desperation since both women figured they don't get a decent guy anyways (and one of them would not really want a guy). My beloved one is now in the situation that she has to hurt one of us. Once we realized this, it virtually tore us apart, at least our hearts.

She will be on vacation for a week. Upon her return, she wants to inform us about her decision. I can't wait until next week.

I love her!

Update: it's all over