January 06, 2008

Scripting during downtime

When I logged in today to continue to work on my current project, I noticed that 2 out of 3 times saving and compiling a script failed. And before long, the Lindens shut down the grid to (yet again) fix the asset servers. So this is actually a perfect moment to talk about the great tool LSLEditor by the Dutch SL user Alphons Jano (Alphons van der Heijden in First Life).

LSLEditor is not only an offline editor for LSL scripts with syntax highlighting and auto formatting, it is in fact a complete development package with project control and even a built in debugger. From my experience, it covers at least 80% of the scope scripts are used inside SL, and actually close to 100% of the most commen aspects of scripts. Only things like sensor sweeps or animations can of course not be debugged with the LSLEditor. But touch and listen events are fully functional inside the development interface.

Not only allows this great tool happy coding during downtimes, it also allows you to actually do a backup of your work on your own harddrive - at least the scripting aspect of it. Thanks, Alphons, for this great contribution to the community!
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