January 24, 2008

Coincidence and publicity

I was shopping with Heloise and bought an item for 350 L$, when a few seconds later the ka-ching sound came up and I got paid 350 L$. "Huh?" I thought, and checked if the merchandise was all there - yes it was. Vendor malfunction was my first thought, and since I wanted a second item from the same vendor I made the next purchase. But no ka-ching this time.

Strange, I thought, and suddenly I got the message that my Plywood Man avatar got sold. Realization dawned when I remembered that it sold at 350 L$ as well. So it just was a double coincidence.

A few minutes later I got another notice about another Plywood Man sale. And then yet another. "Hold it", I thought, that item only ever sold once, and now 3 times in 15 minutes? And right enough, as I suspected, one of the blogs had reviewed Plywood Man. Read all about it here: http://lindenlifestyles.com/?p=890
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