January 15, 2008

I'm a movie star!

I was sitting with my friend Avarie, when all of a sudden I got an IM from someone I did not know asking whether I was available for a video shooting. I checked the profile of the guy which was rather bland, and mentioned it to Avarie who - without a second's though - said "Must be porn!".

I exchanged a few IM's with the person, and he said it was for some sort of tutorial, and offered a nominal fee. Since he wanted to take a look at me, I TPed him in, he let me stand, open my mouth, check my teeth and said I was just fine. He TPed off, only to ask a couple of minutes later if Avarie would like to act as well and if I had a suit and she a gown.

About half an hour later we were standing dressed up on a castle, while the director/cameraman struggled with the controls. The "acting" of me consists mainly of walking up and down, while Avarie's task was to stand there and look beautiful. About 15 min later it was all done, we got both our money, and the strange person left.

He kept his word though, and today I received a YouTube link with the shooting. Hey, I'm more convincing than Schwarzenegger was!

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