May 16, 2008

Field trip with Ivanova

Last night I met with my friend Ivanova, with whom I am about to start the furniture business GREENE concept. We discussed a few designs and to-do's, but I somehow sensed that she was not wholeheartedly present. And since we had another business related meeting only the night before, I realized one can overdo with business. So I suggested to drop it for the night and go somewhere nice. After two other stops, we finally ended up at Rezzable's "Tunnel of Light" sim, and since we both had the Windlight viewer running, we went on a psychedelic trip and enjoyed swirling colors and glowing lines. Afterwards I took her to one of my favourite places in the Barcelona sim, and we danced for about an hour. Not only did Ivanova surprise me with the revelation that this was the first time ever she used a couple dance, but also with some strong emotions and feelings regarding some topics we discussed. Ivanova's own report on that evening is shorter than mine, but we agreed that it was a nice evening out, and a good change to purely work related meetings. Here's some more images on Flickr.
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