May 18, 2008


After my newbie days, I created my own shape. I wanted it to be a rather natural shape, because I found the gazillions of other males running around in Conan the Barbarian like shapes rather funny, sometimes even pathetic. Of course I idealized my shape a bit, but all in all it was quite OK, and I got the occasional compliment for it.

Lately, however, I saw more and more things where I did not like my shape anymore. Most notably my hands and my upper arms, who seemed oversized to me. Pondering this for a while, I finally asked my friend Seikatsu if she could help me adjust it.

It took us almost an hour to go through all the settings, tweak a little here, adjust a little there. Often a change of only 3 or 5 notches made a difference. I got granted a bit more hips and some love handles, and in turn had to give up some shoulder width. Each of the individual changes was subtle, so the end result is not drastically different from my old shape, but significantly more real than before.
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