May 14, 2008

Outstanding customer service

Two days ago I visited a new shop with my friend Ivanova, and we saw a dress that very much fitted her style. Since I was in the mood, I wanted to send it to her as a gift. I payed the vendor and I got the folder with the outfit a few moments later, and immediately sent it to my friend. However, despite the gown being no-copy/trans, Ivanova only received the folder with just a landmark in it. And in my inventory, there is also still the folder with just the landmark in it. Neither in my nor in her diretory did the full outfit appear again since then (we waited a bit due to the recent asset server issues).

I looked up the creator, and despite her having a non-refund notice in her profile, I wrote a polite notecard, described what happened and put in my transaction history.
"I am afraid that Linden Lab "ate" the outfit. I know that I am at a weak position here, so I would like to appeal at your customer service heart and ask if you see any option how you could help me. Sorry for bothering you, and I hope you are willing to be cooperative."
I could see she was online since the notecard got immediately accepted. A few minutes later, she dropped a folder with the outfit on me.

[2:06] Peter Stindberg: Thank you very much! That is most kind of you, and not very common among other designers. If you agree I will mention it on my blog.
[2:07] xxxx: *smiles* probably not the best idea :/ as *laughs* people WILL take advantage. But I operate under the idea that a happy customer is worth more than $1.75 *smiles*
[2:08] Peter Stindberg: Then please accept my thanks again.

Abiding to her wish I will neither name her nor her shop, still I'm impressed and want to point this out as an example of outstanding customer service!
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