May 12, 2008

An eventful and slightly bizarre week

Well, stretching the definition of "week", in no particular order here is what happened:
  • A close friend finally managed to get pregnant, but a sonogramm revealed the need for immediate surgery. She is now considered a high-risk pregnancy and is confined to bed
  • One of my oldest friends in SL, who I love dearly, shared a very personal secret with me that only brought me closer to her
  • A dearly missed person might be on the verge of return, but a lot of compromises and also sacrifices will be necessary
  • A close friend's RL situation is about to change in two ways
  • Another close friend's RL/SL situation tears her apart
  • I spent a lot of time talking to Trinity and she became a very close friend
  • I met Tiessa and danced with her for two hours before she fell asleep at her keyboard (well, almost)
  • I lost a client to a misunderstanding, and regained him in a mutual going out of each others way
  • I met someone who opened a floodgate, and hopefully does not get drowned as a consequence
  • And probably most bizarre of all: I spent an hour fishing with Elusyve - and actually enjoyed it
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