June 21, 2009

REZpectable: Donut Launcher

[REZpectable is a blog dedicated to gadgets and gimmicks in SL. I co-founded it together with Shockwave Plasma and Rick Pfalz a while ago, in the meantime Nissa Nightfire has joned the team of authors. Here is a teaser to my most recent article - read the full post on the REZpectable blog.]

The combat potential of baked goods has been grossly neglected over the milennia. Countless times a hard and dry breadroll or ciabatta has saved a life during a melee fight. And also the French baguette gets underestimated in its clubbing capacities. Only the custard pie gets recognized as a means of combat, but lacks the insignia of a 21st century weapon in terms of range and fast reloading.

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