March 14, 2009

Pfhorgl Onomatopoeia

I can't really recall when I met Pfhorgl Onomatopoeia - I think it must have been before Midas Financials went down the drain. We certainly had more contact in the wake of this - Pfhorgl organized a group of victims. I lost about 17k in the crash - she only lost a few hundred but out of principle tried to recover them.

Later I signed her up for Babel Translations, and we were in loose contact because she wanted to start a texture business in SL. Her textures were pretty bizarre, but certainly added a uniqueness to SL.

In December I assigned a rather large job to her, and somehow from the beginning it was problematic. She started rather late with it, and we had some annoying IM exchanges. All other translators were long ready, and I reminded her almost daily that I really need the text. At one point she stopped responding. Eventually I had to reassign the job to another translator, and give the client a discount. Pfhorgl did not log in anymore - I assumed she had switched herself invisible and wrote her off as a translator.

About 10 days ago I received an offline IM "Pfhorgl Onomatopoeia has offered you 'Pfhorgl Onomatopoeia' in Second Life. Log in to accept or decline the offer." Of course I wondered what explanation she had for dumping me on the job, so as soon as I could I logged in to retrieve the notecard. An hour later I was finally able to log in, and read the note:
To all Secondlife friends of Pfhorgl Onomatopoeia. Our sister Fabiola, known as Pfhorgl Onomatopoeia in Secondlife, had a traffic accident on past 7 Dezember 2008, she has been in Koma since that date. If you had open business with her, we ask for your understanding. We will close this account until the end of March.
After the initial shock I noticed that the account was still online, so I opened an IM widnow and talked to her brother. It turned out that from a medical point of view, there is almost no hope she will ever wake up again.

I felt bad for having been angry at her, but I had no way of knowing. I wonder if she dreams, and what she dreams.

Goodbye Pfhorgl
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