March 02, 2009

Plus d'images - moins de blahblah (English post)

Many years ago I was driving a car late at night through France, and I urgently needed some upbeat music to keep me awake (that was before every car had a CD player - yes, I'm that old). Unfortunately, all the stations seemed to have talkshows on - whenever I found something with music, as soon as it ended there were people talking without end. Finally I found a station that played a good song. And another good song. And yet another good song. And then came the jingle "Radio something - plus de musique, moins de blahblah" - more music, less chitchat. It brought me safely to the border, from where on my known stations took me home.

I am interested in SL fashion a lot, and I read many fashion blogs and metafeeds. However the output rate of all those blogs is massive - a day without monitoring the feeds leaves you with 100-200 unread posts or more. A few weeks ago I used Yahoo Pipes to rinse, clean, sift and sanitize the fashion feeds so I get a dupechecked and filtered result. That was tremendous help and brought down the daily posts to ~30.

Over the weekend, I refined my process further, and now have a complex pipeset that still rinses, cleans, filters and dupechecks the feeds, but now only shows the images from the posts! Except for the very few designers whose blogs I follow seperately, what interests me from the fashion feeds are the images. If I like something, I click through to the original post to see what the reviewer wrote, and to see what stores are actually featured.

So, here we go - please feel free to use and clone the pipes, or to simply subscribe to the resulting feeds:
  1. 7 sanitized and dupechecked fashion megafeeds, including the text: webpage, RSS feed
  2. The same 7 feeds, but images only: webpage, RSS feed
  3. Freebies and Dollarbies listed on Xstreet SL and SLUniverse/SLShopper: webpage, RSS feed

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