April 16, 2008


In times of crisis, you need friends to prevent you from falling into a black hole. I am priviliged to have some great friends, who listened to my cries, my whining and helped me in my misery. Foremost I have to thank Trinity, who has lost her RL/SL partner to a cruel fate, and who was an invaluable and patient help during the last days. Pika sacrificed her sleep for me and listened. Tarissa, a relatively new friend of mine, had an open ear and warm words. Nynke offered support, Caterin offered help, Cake sent encouragings hugs while I was offline, Sasha distracted me. VĂ©ronique, who I barely meet due to timezones, sent warm email notices and I feel even closer to her now. Lillie had some brutal insights in her special way, and her poem - though a coincidence it was - touched me deeply. Fuji was sad that she was unavailable when I needed her most, and Seikatsu - cut off from the net most of the time due to traveling - sent me emails and asked if she could do something. Djanna was on a loss for words, but I felt her caring thoughts, and even my friend Tina, who can not be described to be Gina's biggest fan, went out of her way and symphatized with me. And finally Zylina, who almost lost her husband due to a medical screwup not long ago. Zylina, who likes to play the silly person in order to hide her fragile soul, she made me laugh again. And Zylina was it, who asked if I think that Gina would like me to transform this blog into a shrine of unhappiness and loss? Or if she would rather like me to use this blog to tell of the wonders of my second life? Thank you my dear friends, and all the others who sent encouraging words. You did not take away the grief, but you caught me when I fell, you gave me the strength to go on. And that is what Gina would want me to do as well, I am sure. Go on. I owe her a lot. She brought me back on track, gave me so much help and support. I owe it to her to go on. Whether she will come back one day or not. Thank you, all of you!
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