April 13, 2008

My googleized virtual office

For reasons I will not elaborate on, I decided that "Peter Stindberg" should become a completely virtual personality, with as little ties into RL as possible. And with Peter Stindberg becoming an entrepreneur, working with people all over the globe together, and with the person behind Peter Stindberg accessing the grid from all over the globe as well, it became more and more necessary to put some essential information accessible from anywhere as well.

My friend Avarie Parker, brilliant head behind the SL Entrepreneuer Magazine, pointed out Google Docs to me. Reluctant at first ('That surely can't work as advertised'), I am an avid fan of the web enabled spreadsheets and text processing features. My friend and associate Tina Lynch worked wonders with a spreadsheet for Babel Translations, and I collaborate with Ivanova on our ideas for GREENE concept in a shared document.
Gina showed me Google Calendar, a web enabled calendar for planning and scheduling, as well as seeing other's calendars. Very handy is the ability to include other calendars, like the Planned Outages of SL from Linden Lab.

To keep up to date with the constantly growing number of blogs to monitor, Google Reader came to the rescue. Instead of opening a subfolder in my bookmarks and waiting for the dozens of pages to lead, Google reader aggregates them for me and gives me a nice overview list.

Finally, I arranged all those little helpers on my personalized iGoogle startpage, which looks the same from everywhere I access the web. Two handy widgets further enhanced the experience. a World Clock to keep track of the time at my friends locations, and the list of online friends in SL so I can see who is online without being present in SL.

For me, those tools have extremely contributed to me being organized and keeping informed.
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