April 19, 2008

3 months

Dear Gina,

today is our 3-month-anniversary. In fact we had no special plans for this day, but we would surely have met, probably doing one of the photoshootings on your list, or we would have gone exploring, or we would have discussed upcoming projects. Most likely, each of us would have one or two additional IM's open, caring about the issues of one of our friends, since people find it easy to talk to us and open up to us.

I celebrate this day alone now, but I know that you commemorate it as well, and it is some consolation to know that you think of me while I think of you. Already for the last anniversary, we decided to not make gifts (even though we are both people who enjoy making gifts). However I want to make a gift to you which I know will please you - I will set the background color of my blog back to White again.

Things calm down over here. Our friends send their regards, and most of them are convinced that we have not seen the last of you. I get very good support from them - we really have met quite some special people here. For many from the outside this is just seen as a game, but we both know that behind each of those cartoon figures is a real human, with talents and virtues, but also with fears and problems. The friends we made in here are real friends, even though we all agreed to call this cartoon world the home for our avatars.

I'm still not sure what to do with your two galleries. You know I never really liked Experience Italy, but it might in fact be a good place once "GREENE concept" takes off. Up to then, it's the only place in-world where your art is available to the public, since I prematurely deleted the vendors from Beachwood.
Kitty is a gem these days. Even though the rental box complains, she said I shall take all the time I need to decide what to do with your Beachwood gallery. In fact I more or less decided to keep it for the time being. A quick calculation revealed that I can rent it for 41 years - which is a very comforting thought in fact. I think I will put my personal favourites of your works up there. You have a very unique sense for situations and perspectives. Other people's SL photography might star with effects and filters, but the purity of your view, the almost unchanged images, and the perfect angles and poses make your art so special. I hope I find a way to place a vendor again, so people can take your photos.
On a sidenote: Stefanik could not yet decide to take your wall of images down, and also Xanthia said she'd prefer to have your images there.

So how are things going on your end? I know you as a fighter, as a person who gives 110% of what she has. I'm sure you patiently work on the issues in your RL that prevent you from coming back at the moment. I still remember the day when I confessed my own issues in my own RL to you. You did an amazing job of showing me positive things, pointing out perspectives and ways how to deal with things. With your help, my RL situation improved daily. I know it's probably bizarre for outsiders to understand, but for us having a partnership in SL while being at the same time determined to our partnerships in RL was no conflict of interests. Thus said, I hope you have the same strength and same insight to resolve your issues in your RL. I am sad that I can't help you with them anymore, but I know you have the faith and strength to work them out.

We all miss you, Gina. You made SL a more beautiful place both through your artwork, as well as through your wonderful and kind personality. Best wishes and a "Thank you for everything so far" from my heart. We all look forward to the day you will return, so you can enrichen our lives again, and make them more beautiful. And when we can again show you our friendship.

In deepest friendship, Peter
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