April 15, 2008

Get yourself some of Gina's artwork for free

Gina Glimmer enriched Second Life with her wonderful artwork. She has a great sense for angles, perspectives and situations. Her images are among the best SL has seen. I am sad when I look at the list of projects that will not get finished now.

She did not have a big sense for business. In fact it took me quite some effort to make her raise her prices for custom work. She barely sold any of her artwork outside of custom jobs. In fact she was not in it for the money at all, but to see how a reputation can be built inside of SL. I convinced her to put some of her images on OnRez, but only a handful ever sold.

I decided to make her artwork available for free. Even though she had to leave SL, I want her to leave a mark in this world. And I want as many people as possible to enjoy her images, and maybe think of her when watching them.

You find her gallery on OnRez here - please take advantage of it: http://shop.onrez.com/Gina_Glimmer

There is also an in-world vendor at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Experience%20Italy%20W/179/30/29

Please, spread the word!
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