April 28, 2008

Profile hopping

Seikatsu's dry comment was "You nut!" when I told her I was Profile Hopping. Yet this is a great way to explore the grid, and find new places, and I actually do it quite often (but admittedly mostly when I am bored).

So here is how it works:
  1. Start at any known place, but places where usually a lot of avatars are are helpful
  2. Open the profile of the nearest avatar to you
  3. Go to her/his "Picks" section, and teleport to the first pick
  4. Explore the place you TPed to - once you have seen enough, go to step two again
Of course variations are possible: instead of chosing the nearest avatar, you can also take the most interesting, best dressed, most sexy, most blingy, most whatever avatar. And instead for the first profile pick you can also use the last, or the 3rd, or the most interesting one.

But still it's a pretty funny way to explore the grid, and I found some nice places that way.
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