December 29, 2008

What's in my bag

Seems I can't resist a challenge, but mostly I did this one because I did not see any guys bag yet, So without further ado - here's my bag:

  1. Samsonite laptop bag - large enough to hold more stuff, sturdy enough to survive bicycle rides and rain
  2. Moleskin pocket book - in the bag for over a year now and still virgin
  3. Business cards - yeah, call me a dork
  4. Slim bay DVD-RW drive, taken out for the benefit of a secondary battery (I usually don't carry the drive around, only if I expect to need it)
  5. A cheap Leatherman clone - I was always too greedy to buy me the original, and always forget to ask for it for Christmas or birthday
  6. My wallet - I need about one per year and I am anal about finding one with TWO sections for coins. The wallet is always too full :-(
  7. Cellphone, NO camera, NO internet plan and generally rather crappy
  8. Aloe Vera lipstick for chaffed lips, bought in Napa Valley in the last century and still not empty
  9. Lock and keys, part of the bag, never used
  10. Air France earplugs and eye mask, also never used but it seemed like a good idea to carry it around with me
  11. Bluetooth headset, as crappy as its 3 predecessors, but at least this one still lives and does not break after a month
  12. USB stick 4GB, with an essential kit of tools for emergency troubleshooting
Not shown:
  • Laptop (I write this blogpost on it)
  • Allergy emergency medication (taken out for the holidays)
  • A book or magazine (taken out for the vacation too)
  • A pen (needed it yesterday)
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