June 20, 2008

Google Gadget for Second Life

Already in April I have talked about my Googlized Virtual Office, and my heavy use of the personalized iGoogle website. Recently I found myself in the situation of wanting to look up an avatars profile without actually being logged in into Second Life. So I wrote a Google Gadget to do exactly this.

With the introduction of the new seach a while ago, avatar profiles are accessible from the web (unless the avi has ticked "Publish on web" off). The address is constructed like this:


The long number at the end is the UUID of the avatar. The UUID can be acquired in-world when an avatar clicks an object, sits or comes into the range of a scanner. Every object and every avatar within Second Life have a unique UUID - which is not considered to be confidential data. Therefore a couple of external databases exist, which deliver the UUID of an avatar. For any security or privacy concerns regarding this data I suggest this forum thread. My Gadget queries one of these databases and constructs the corresponding URL. It does not actually display the actual profile, but only offers a link which needs to be clicked.

The Gadget can be found here and should be easily integratable into your iGoogle personalized homepage.
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