June 03, 2008

All's well that ends well

I had a long talk with a certain person I had a business dispute with this afternoon, and another long talk with his associate. In fact we should have had that talk many weeks ago, but the issue became emotional on both sides. The person in question made a remarkable turn, which I honor greatly. His associate did only now hear of the whole matter as RL issues were predominant.

We acknowledged each others position, and reached an amicable agreement on the open payment. I received a satisfactory amount of money. However, since I never was after the money, but more after the acknowledgement that my claims were justified, I donated 4/5 of the amount to the independent SL publication REZ magazine.

Both asked me of course to take down the blogposts. I even got offered money as compensation for my time doing so. I declined and made it clear - and I repeat this publicly - that I refuse any payment for taking down or changing the blogposts. I preferred for a while to simply anonymize the blogposts, but then again I was so glad that this annoying issue got finally resolved, with all parties standing behind the compromise, that I decided to take the posts down completely.

In fact, we even restored trust and business attitude to such a degree that I got assigned the task to finish the project as initially discussed. I am very glad about the whole turn of events. Better reaching this point late, than never. My grudge is completely gone, and I will deliver results of best possible quality.
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