July 13, 2009

When worlds collide

Yesterday I went to fix the internet access of a RL acquaintance and hooked up his new roommate to his ISDN telephone connection. While I was busy with the hardware, the roommate and I had a little smalltalk and suddenly she disclosed she has a talent for languages and works as translator for 5 languages, and intends to learn Arabic next.

I literally had to bite my tongue to suppress the reflex of offering her a job with my Second Life company Babel Translations. That was such a weird moment, where the worlds really overlapped and almost became indistinguishable. What she told me fit so well into my concept. It felt so normal and natural to talk with her about a business opportunity.

What would have happened had I not stopped myself in time? She would have assumed I run a RL translation business. She might have even been interested in the job offer, and then the explaining would have become awkward. On the other hand, who knows, maybe she does even know SL? For all I know she might be a well known Fashion Blogger or content creator.

Nevertheless that was one of the most bizarre moments regarding SL I ever had. Did you encounter colliding worlds as well?
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