July 14, 2009

Gone fishing. Not. Ranting instead.

"Let's go fishing" was what Zippora said the other day, licking her Neko lips in anticipation of some tasty catch. "Sure", I replied, having done some fishing a year ago (Elusyve Jewell is to blame for that) and actually became quite hooked. For a week or so.

So I put on some, ahem, "typical" fishing gear (hats in SL suck) and teleported to the Straylight sim which has a rather nice fishing spot. I teleported Zippora in and rezzed my "(7S) Casual Fishing Rod". Zippora meanwhile paid the vendor to get her own rod.

I cast the rod, but the fish slipped away. I cast it again - no catch. I cast it for a third time, and then the rod told me it is outdated and I can't use it here and I should please update it. Right enough an update package got sent to me upon rezzing, so I sighed and rezzed the updated rod. Meanwhile Zippora waited for her delivery.

The updated rod (version 3.4) went through a rather chatty startup sequence, saying I need to contact the folks of 7Seas if I want my experience and bait parameters updated, but since I deliberately chose the casual rod and did never acquire experience or bait points, I ignored it. And tried to cast the rod. Without success. Meanwhile Zippora waited for her delivery.

A bit frustrated, I unrezzed the rod again, and rerezzed it. It went through the chatty startup sequence again, and this time I read more carefully. It claims I updated from a very old rod (uhm... hello?), and therefore I need to contact their service rep (and ONLY their service rep - never, ever the creator) to get my XP and bait settings updated. Well, I do not WANT my XP and bait settings updated, I want casual fishing! Clicking, casting, chat-commands - nothing worked. I checked the profile of the service rep, who was not online. Meanwhile Zippora waited for her delivery.

I finally read through the mass of notecards coming along with the update pack, and finally found a note saying I need to contact the service rep (and ONLY their service rep - never, ever the creator) and ask to be cleared as casual fisherman in their database, only then will my rod function. Of course the service rep was still not online. Meanwhile Zippora waited for her delivery.

Frustrated and disappointed we gave up and did a few stops of the Neko hunt instead (Peter: "OK, lets go hunting nekos instead." Zippora: "I don't like the way you say this."). We had quite some fun, and when it was time to say goodnight I remembered the rod she tried to buy and asked her if it has arrived in the meantime - which it did not.

Time spent in frustration: 30 minutes (multiplied by 2 persons)
Money spent: 100 L$ for a rod that never got delivered
Problems resolved: Zero - neither did the rod arrive, nor did the service rep get back to me so far

Well done, 7Seas!

Update: of course 3 minutes after I posted this rant, the service rep got back to me:
[2:49] 7Seas Sass: I just set up your account as starting. Since this is a free upgrade, please delete your older rod versions to avoid confusion. Your new ones (the 3.4 upgrade pack which it sounds like you have) should work now. They are copy-OK and interchangeable, so you can make backups, color variants, or whatever... they'll all know your XP and bait level. They also have a nice new auto-decline feature under the Configure menu.... Also, if you haven't been there in a while, you might want to check out http://7seasfishing.com ... lots of info there, lists of 1,500 new community-built fish you can catch, new forums too. :)
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