July 30, 2009

Mystical Cookie is back!

Missing-in-action SL icon Mystical Cookie, creator of the must-have MystiTool and owner of the Avendale estates, is back and healthy!

Mrs. Cookie (that sounds somehow silly) has been reported missing several months ago. She only started blogging in December last year, her last blog entry was of January 2009. Since then noone was able to contact her, and even Linden Lab officials got involved in the process of getting in touch with her regarding the future of her estates. The forums and blogs started to wonder about her fate, and we even saw what eerily reminded of a obituary.

Residents also feared about the future of her landmark product MystiTool, and many residents reported to have finally bought the full MystiTool for their alt-accounts "as long as it is still available".

According to her blogpost she had a whole bunch of things going on in RL. And while I personally think a single email to a friend "I am well" should be manageable in any case, of course I don't know what challenges she faced. But I am very glad she is back and well. And maybe my issue with the ATM system she made now gets fixed too :-)

Welcome back, Mystical Cookie!
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