February 12, 2008

Re-sacrating a place

Two nights ago, my wife Gina performed magic. She gave beauty and enchantment back to a place, who got desacrated before.

Less than a year ago, I found romance for the first time in SL. A lovely neko by the name of Meow won my heart at the speed of light. We spent almost all our time together, and she even had her little cat mat and toys in my office. As she was about to leave on a vacation, I took her to the most romantic place I knew, and asked her if she wants to become my partner. She said yes, but only after her vacation, and she needed to sort some things out first. Upon her return though, things got bizarre and nasty, and a whole facade of lies and conflicting stories surfaced. In the end I stood with a broken heart, and sadness beyond belief. I never returned to that place again.

Gina gave that place back to me. I was considering to bring her there for some time now, and finally found the courage to do so 2 days ago. She was excited at the beauty of the place. Sad to hear my story. She hugged me tight, and without saying much, with only listening to me, holding me, being with me, she brought the magic back to the place. Blessed it. Drove the evil spirits away. This place will now be associated with her,will be a place of happiness, and not of sadness. Thank you, Gina!

If you want to share this place with us: Inspire Space Park
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