December 31, 2007

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

The other night, my new friend (and old acquaintance) Therese Carfagno invited me to a masquerade ball at the "roaring Twenties" styled Ballroom. I had my teeth sunk deep into a scripting task, and when I finally IMed her back and asked whether the ball was still going on she replied everybody has left already. But incidentally she needed a male avatar for a photo so I TPed over (the result can be seen here).

Therese had a great Las Vegas showgirl outfit on, and soon we talked about about fashion again, and I mentioned the great female Tux at Blaze, and she showed me a Tux she had. One word gave the other, and soon we were transforming her in showgirl in honor of Berlins Friedrichstadtpalast, famous for its linedancing ballett girls.

After tweaking Therese's shape a bit (what an odd feeling to wear a female shape and adjust the sliders), and after giving her Vette's new (and as of yet unreleased) waistcoat, the result was quite stunning. Excuse my poor photography skills:

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