December 03, 2007

Shameless vote whoring

Unnoticed from the majority of SL residents, the JIRA system is a way of reporting bugs and feature requests to Linden Labs. Nicholaz has a great article on it here and here. I reported some issues to JIRA too, and I voted on other issues. Here are my favourites - take a look at them and eventually vote for them too:
  • MISC-208 - More than 25 groups
  • MISC-686 - Eliminate script delays
  • VWR-27 - The notorious "transparency bug"
  • VWR-489 - Multiple attachments per attachment point (that truly would come in "handy")
  • VWR-1449 - 3 new avatar clothing layers (finally wear a tattoo AND underwear)
What are your favourite JIRA issues?
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