December 26, 2007

Vette's Boutique

Two nights ago my friend an ex-piano-addict Caterin took me Freebie Hunting. I got dizzy from the quick teleports she fired off into my direction, but finally we found some rest in a rather small shop called Vette's Boutique. The available freebie was not really my taste, but I found some nice and unique designs, and actually yet another unisex item which I bought for myself - a rather nice red-and-white scarf.
Last night I took my sister Chey to Vette's boutique and - as I usually do - sent a cold-calling IM to Vette DeCuir, the owner of the place, offering my translation services. It turned out that she was right above our heads and came down to say hello.
The three of us had some great fun, and Vette is a really charming personality. She had just started SL in July, and - being a graphics art student - decided to make her own clothes out of frustrations that she couldn't afford and/or find decent clothing for herself. Her collection is still rather small, but she is working on 20 new items to be releases January first.
Obviously Vette has enjoyed our conversation as well, since she posted her own report on her blog. I can highly recommend Vette's Boutique - here is a designer who has come a long way in a short time, and who is certainly worth watching out for in the future!

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