October 08, 2007


So it's been a year now? Feels like at least 2 years, if not more. Time in SL is very compressed, and very "dense". Well, time to see how I score so far.
  • Made friends: an inner core of about 10, and many acquaintants
  • Made enemies: maybe one or two, but I don't really know
  • Lindens seen: Alexa, Bub, Benjamin, Cornelius
  • Lindens talked to: Bub, Philip, Qarl
  • Lindens met: Phillip
  • Celebrities met: Nicholaz Beresford, Nobody Fugazi, Tao Takashi, Caterin Semyorka
  • Celebrities talked to: Blaze Columbia, Pavig Lok, Prokofy Neva, Mystical Cookie, Mykael Goodman, Vint Falken - and probably a couple more of whom I simply not knew their celebrity status or forgot about them or neglected them poorly or whatever - so stop complaining about not being in the list, it's nothing personal :-)
  • Found romance: twice
  • Found betrayal: once
  • Married: once
  • Divorced: no
  • Camped: yes
  • Stopped camping: yes
  • Gambled: yes (lost)
  • Stopped gambling: what a silly question
  • Got hired: lots of odd jobs as chatbug finder, scripter, tester
  • Hired someone: I signed up a lot of freelance translators for my SL-company
  • Started a business: yes
  • Bought land: no
  • Rented land: yes
  • Cashed in: once, 15 EUR
  • Cashed out: not yet
  • Got scammed: only with minor sums
Puh, can't think of anything more right now.
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