September 23, 2007

Goodbye, Bob the Builder

During my SL youth, when I roamed Waterhead, some kind avatar gave me a box full of clothing, and I picked an outfit which I considered back then as "not so bad". Soon enough I found out that the social hierarchy in SL is not the least based on your appearance (see Dandellion's post for a good explanation), and I invested my first few Lira ... er... Linden$ into some outfit. Robin "Sojourner" Woods flannell shirt was the first item I bought, a tee I created myself, I spent a week sorting through my freebies, I bought shoes and finally some stuff by Bro'Gear. Only my trademark visor - almost the first thing I built myself in SL - stayed. This outfit was a major improvement, though it got dubbed "Bob the Builder" by some.

Though I can build and script - probably better than the majority of avatars - it turned out that I pursued a different career path. I became an entrepreneur, actively selling services to some of the major contributors in SL. The hands-on builder outfit seemed almost preposterous, and it did not reflect my developing interests anymore. My recent side trips into the Neko and Vampire subculture - both very fashion conscious - and my mostly female very fashion conscious friends, did (unknowingly) their part to make me interested in male fashion and outfits. So let me introduce my new outfit - Urban Stindberg - a much more mature, and a tad darker appearance than Bob. I still might to use Bob from time to time. The outfit is still close to my heart. But I am looking forward to the adventures Urban Stindberg will experience.

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