September 19, 2007

We are family

Cheyenne Palisades was among the first persons I met after my graduation from desorientation island. Somehow I stumbled accross her blog (I wish I could recall how), and read a lot about her volcano on Pele. I IMed her and asked whether I could see it, and gladly enough she was even online so she sent me a TP. She was with her partner Excuberance, and we had some fun exploring the volcano and her sim.
We never lost contact after this, and despite all timezone differences I often had the pleasure to spend time for her and Xubi. I grew fond of her island, especially of the East Beach, which is the spot that comes closest to my "home" in Second Life. I often sit there to think and build, or do my inventory, or just idle around.
Over the time, I emotionally got closer to Chey. Our Humans have many similarities, share many interests. She is a source of inspiration for me, she acts like a mentor, and like a friend in good times and in hard times. Especially during my recent romantic roller coaster rides, she was always there when I was down, she had advice when I asked her for it and she didn't dispense advice when I didn't ask for it.

Last night I was sitting in thoughts at East Beach. I must be a familiar sight to her, and she respects me sitting there. My romantic roller coaster was both on a downward as well as an upward curve (a situation I experienced on her little train running the island often enough). And again she listened, commentend, soothed.

And in the end I told her that I love her, like I would love a sister. And we hugged, and she adopted me as a brother.

I'm not sure if this makes me related to her other SL brethren and sisters (of whom I only know a few casually), but I am very honored and grateful to be her brother now.

Thank you, Cheyenne, beloved and trusted sister!
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