May 22, 2009

When I was 16...

... I was pretty crazy about sex. And while some people will claim that this has not much changed since then, being a 16 year old boy, living in a hole in the middle of nowhere with no girls my age around was rather depressing. My body changed in scary ways, unknown reactions, disturbing thoughts, disturbing dreams with sticky and messy results in my pajamas - nature plays a cruel game with you during puberty.

I was lucky to got raised by liberal and educated parents. Sexuality did not get tabooed, neither did nakedness. Still there are some things you do NOT discuss with mother, but who need an outlet nevertheless.

During visits to hairdressers or doctors I preferred reading magazines who were known to have the occasional nude pic in them (it was in the early Eighties). I raided my parent's book shelves for erotic literature, there were porn magazines exchanged at school - candidly - and the older boys loaned them with a sleazy "no stains or you pay it!" - a sentence that took me a few months to understand. And finally we exchanged nude images on 5.25" floppy disks for my Commodore 64 computer. GIF files with 256 colors - GIF, by now a mostly outdated file format, being jokingly dubbed as "Girls In Files".

That was almost 3 decades ago. Access to nude images and videos, and even to pornographic images and videos, is ridiculously easy. Even with "safe search on" a query on Google will deliver the required result in a few tries. With "safe search off" I can see all the boobs I probably want right away, in vivid color and high resolution.

And now there is talk about protecting our children from the sex happening in SL. Sorry, I don't get it, I really don't get it.

  1. Second Life is a "game" for adults. If your kid is stealthily accessing SL, you as parent have done something wrong.
  2. The visual component of sex in SL - also known as "poseball humping" - has the quality of a bad cartoon. As nice as we can style our avatars, the arousing qualities of a naked avi are rather limited. Our 640x480 files in 256 colors back in the Eighties had better visual quality than a naked SL avatar. The typical erotic/pornographic images and even the videos you can get today are light years beyond what is possible in Second Life today. Same applies for the vast majority of sex anims - boring repetitive stuff.
  3. The non-visual component of sex in SL - the cybering, the emoting, the spinning of a scenario, the painting of a landscape of arousal and desire in your partner's head is something not even a young adult masters, not to mention a teenager or a kid.
A 16 year old in 2009, who wants to see nudity or sexuality, would go to dozens of other places before trying to get what he wants in SL. There are thousands of places with instant access and no hassle. The idea of a teenager creating a fake account, downloading SL, stealing the ID of a parent to get age verified, maybe even buy some L$ to pay a virtual hooker to jump on a poseball sounds just plain ridiculous to me.

I do absolutely accept that a percentage of the adults in SL don't want to come across sexual content. It is their right to do so, and everything that makes selecting and deselecting this content is basically a good idea. But please STOP claiming we need to protect our children from the stuff going on in SL. If they are determined - and from a certain age on they ARE determined - they will find it elsewhere easier.
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