May 28, 2009

Another Personality Test

My friend and great fashion designer Milla Michinaga has plurked about a new personality test called 41 Questions, 1 Personality. I decided to give it a try, not really happy with the results of the other test I took a few weeks ago. I have to say the questions asked where quite interesting, and the results come close to what I see myself as:
Your personality type:

Enthusiastic, idealistic and creative. Able to do almost anything that interests them. Great people skills. Need to live life in accordance with their inner values. Excited by new ideas, but bored with details. Open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities.

Careers that could fit you include:

Actors, journalists, writers, musicians, painters, consultants, psychologists, psychiatrists, entrepreneurs, teachers, counselors, politicans, diplomats, television reporters, marketers, scientists, sales representatives, artists, clergy, public relations, social scientists, social workers.
There is a fancy graph going along with the results too.
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