July 22, 2008

Teen Grid signups broken - as if being a teenager is not challenging enough

I recently had the pleasure to meet the creator of the web-based text only SL viewer AjaxLife, Katharine Berry. Katharine is a 16 year old teenager from Great Britain, and therefore limited to the Teen Grid, a seperated part of Second Life used as sandbox for those not of legal age. Katharine is an avid software developer and was recognized in last year's Hippo Awards by Linden Lab.

Today, she pointed a severe issue with Teen Grid registrations out. Unless you are in the US, Teen grid registrations are almost impossible due to bugs in the signup process. Katharine has reported the bug on JIRA, but is afraid it will not become prominent enough to get onto the Linden radar.

So even is you are not directly affected, please vote for this on JIRA: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-734
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