July 04, 2008

Some thoughts for my readers from the USA

Dear readers from the USA,

I wish you a very pleasant Holiday - from my understanding one of the few Holidays where you actually do not have to work. Those of you who know me a bit better will remember that I was raised in gratitude and admiration for the US of A, and still your country holds a lot of fascination (in a positive way) for me. You also know that I keep a critical distance, and in my opinion the events of the last few years leave a lot of room for criticism.

But a nation consists of its citizens, and the majority of citizens of the USA I met - and even more you guys, which I consider my friends - are just good people trying to live a normal life. It is YOU who can make a difference! Regardless whether you feel closer to the elephant or the donkey, my wish for this National Holiday of yours is that you try to make a difference in your daily lives.

By chance of birth or by choice you are a part of a great nation, a nation who was synonymous for freedom and justice. It is in your hands to make a change for the better. Every single one of you can contribute to make the world a better place. A million small hands doing a million small things have a huge effect. Be proud of your nation, but not for pride's sake, but for your own work you put into it.

Today is a day for you to celebrate. But when the fireworks smoke has dissipated, it is also a day for thoughts. As citizens of the USA you have a great responsibility. Accept it, and take it on. And do your own small contribution.

Happy 4th of July!

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