June 07, 2012

On Mesh

One of the beauties of SL was, that every clothing and every garment fitted right away.

Mesh brought us great looking, but ill fitting clothes.

One step closer to reality.


Heloise said...

That was true for textured clothing (and even there you got distortion with some body types) but any clothing with prim parts was usually far from fitting "right away", sometimes (if the prims were no-mod) it did not fit at all. And since quite a few people never bothered with adjusting their prims, I'd say not all that much has changed.
(And I see you missed having two posts exactly a year part by just one week...)

Ivanova Shostakovich said...

If the Mesh deformer comes along nicely polished, we may see better fitting mesh that will need only be based on the default avatar shape, and which will also respond to avatar physics (for those who like the physics and don't find them to be too horribly spastic).