March 14, 2010

Tagged - Step 2

Tagged - Step 2, originally uploaded by Peter Stindberg.

Crystal tagged me, and since I did not do a meme this year, so here we go...

Handle with care

1. I am very shy. It takes long before I speak to someone, a little less in SL, more so in RL.

2. I have self-esteem issues, can't accept praise easily, don't think highly of my achievements, and generally think I can't really live up to expectations.

3. (Self-)doubt and fear are constant companyons. Fear of loss, fear to annoy.

4. I try to avoid people with the same nationality I have, try to avoid talking my native tongue in SL. There are very few people in SL with whom I talk in my mother tongue. The tought of sharing intimacies in that language is horrible.

5. If you get to know me and earn my trust I will be one of your most loyal and caring friends.

6. I prefer jeans over skirts, short hair over long hair, small breasts over large busts and generally am attracted more to the tomboyish/androgynous women.

7. SL helped me to discover and embrace my bisexuality.

8. My musical taste is extremely broad, but my love is with celtic folkrock, celtic fusion and celtic crossover. I tried to learn Gaelic once.

Maybe I tage you, maybe I don't....

Fashion notices:
- Hair: Truth Peta
- Jacket: Elixir
- Suit: Graves
- Shoulderpads: Oralune
- Shoes:
- Bangles:
- Glasses


Tarissa Tripsa said...

Na, wenigstens redest du ja mit mir...ab und zu ;-p

Kim said...

#4 I am exactly like that too... I cant stand using french in Sl... I dont know why though.

You're Bi? Nice

Wilful Sunflower said...

Thank you for being my friend, Peter. I appreciate your friendship so much more than you can know ‹3


Ivanova Shostakovich said...

I guess I've never really known you so much disliked conversing in your native language. You're good at teaching me a few things from time to time.
And what Quaintly said. I think I would have felt lost in SL if I didn't meet you when I did.