October 01, 2008

What Peter has been up to lately - Part 1

My friend Quaintly asked me the other day if I plan to update my blog again, and I have to admit, I neglected it very much in the past months. Not that there was nothing blogworthy, but rather because my SLife was extremely busy. So apart from bringing some fresh energy into this blog again, I will report about some of the tings that happened in the past weeks.

Some time ago, my friend and blogger Dandellion Kimban asked me if I would like to take part in a comicstrip project of hers. My career as movie star back in January ended rather aprubtly, so I was more than thrilled by her offer. She asked me to play a priest who explains religion. Mhmm... a comicstrip with message it seems? I asked her what outfit to wear, and she asked if I had any "priestly" clothing, so I pointed her towards a pic I put on Flickr recently.

She was thrilled, even assuming that pic was what subconsciously made her consider me for the role. And so we ended up doing a rather funny shooting in some roleplay enabled church in SL, along with Laleeta, Eidur and Raul Crimson.
Towards the end one of the roleplayers discovered us, and demanded in some rather nasty tone 'what this is about', and we had some silly fun inspecting his venue on behalf of the Second Life Actor's Union, asking him when his fire extinguishers have been examined last.

Today, Dandellion finished the comic, and you can view it online: Die Laughing. Great work, Dandellion.
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