March 23, 2008

Money for nothing?

My friend Apitou IMed me last night, asking whether I had taken any surveys in SL already. I told her that as a newbie I tried to participate in some of those survey-terminals offering easy L$, but that they all were for US residents only and looked rather fishy too.
She then teleported me to Market Truths (SLURL, Website), a whole sim where in fact a huge kiosk invited users to join a research panel and promised 250 L$ for just doing so. It all looked pretty straightforward, still I was reluctant to join. This morning I had a closer look at the website, and since it all seemed pretty much non-scammy, I gave it a try. When I clicked "Join" I got a personalized weblink, which loaded a short questionnaire. The questionnaire asked me to what topics I want to get asked. Topics ranged from "clothing" to "eplyoyment in SL" to "scripting". The questions to RL age and RL gender at the end were voluntarily. As soon as I have submitted the survey, I received 250 L$ in my account.
Well... so far that has been interesting. Let's see what happens next :-)
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